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Ancient Echo

Shamanic Medicine

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"As a lifelong student of the healing arts and a working healer for the past 20 years, I’ve developed a very high bar around the quality of practitioner I would turn to when I myself am in need of healing. 

Allison has been a colleague in the shamanic space for the past several years, and I trust her implicitly. Her heart, her depth, her integrity and skill as a healer have called to me from the day I met her. The root that runs through her goes beyond this time and place, and feels to me to be of an ancient lineage. She is not for the faint of heart, nor for those seeking “shamanism lite”. Come ready to do your work and for a journey of transformation. This woman is the real deal."


-Jen Hoy, founder of

Allison is a graduate of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies core shamanism program, originated by anthropologist Dr. Michael Harner. She completed the Two Week Shamanic Healing Intensive and the Three Year Program of Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing. 


​"I believe service is not an option, it is a biological necessity. Every kind of action we do for someone vitalizes our own life force - and that of the other person's.  We need each other on the Earth Walk, and in one way or another we have always needed allies, seen and unseen to help with the mystical task of being human.

I think Soul is the part of us that knows there is a mystery to which we belong as humans but can not grasp. We can be grasped by it however, and resurrected in some sense, and I think this numinous quality is at the heart of the shamanic experience. All children are born with the ability to behold spirit and allow it to animate them before it is educated out of them. It's natural, and reasonable. It is coded in our DNA. Call it the Divine Spark if you will.


I was fortunate to have a childhood that honored imagination and wild places. The shamanic space has always been there for me...then, it became a mandate. I came to the work from art, with some of the same imaginative precipices. I didn't bother dressing up for the interview. Making an impression is antithetical this work.


Shaman-hood is the ongoing cultivation of authenticity, surrender and radical trust. My Three Year Initiation and study with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies under the tutelage of Amanda Foulger pulled from me the grit to fully commit to the shamanic path.

Allison studied art, art history, and philosophy at The University of New Mexico and The University of Montana. Infused into her shamanic work are intimations from her Celtic roots, the practice of Vajrayana Buddhism and influences from various notable characters including a few Beatnik poets. Additionally, she studies and integrates the shamanic work of Sandra Ingerman, Tom Kenyon and John Perkins. Allison is a fourth generation Montana native who recently moved to Cortez, Colorado and purchased Kelly Place in the McElmo Canyon with her wife Celine. She works in person and remotely. 

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