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Ancient Echo

Shamanic Medicine

Private Sessions: 


Shamanic healing is creative and participatory. A private shamanic session begins with a conversation about what is relevant and current for you while we get to know each other. In the shamanic space any imbalance in the system whether this be mental, physical, emotional or spiritual ( connected and holistic) is discovered through the shamanic journey and the insight of non-ordinary, unconditional sources of wisdom. A session may include empowerment, restoration, cleansing and releasing. Integrating practices may also be advised to support life changes. Significant life questions may also be addressed. Soul retrieval or mending the fragmented self due to trauma may also be indicated, and protection returned. This work can be catalytic and transformative and may include ceremony, follow-up and support.


I encourage preliminary questions about the process and am willing to share the open secrets I may know, but the shamanic process is all about direct experience. Each person is unique as is each session and what may be called for. Permission to do this work with you is essential on my part, as well as responsible tending. Your participation is important: this is your journey work. 


Working with people who are dying or concerns about those that have passed is a highly cross-cultural shamanic focus. I have had the privilege to be with the dying, and also have experience with hospice situations. Honorable passing is important for both the dying and those who remain. On the soul level, dying is a journey in which the departing and departed may need guidance to move forward in an evolutionary way, release care and concerns for loved ones, and complete in a good way.

Land and space clearing:

From the shamanic point of view, everything is animate, including the land we live on and the places we dwell. We may feel and even experience something has fallen out of balance. There may be inorganic beings causing disruption who need to be loved on their way, or blessings and recognition to the land itself so relationship between human and place is restored. I have also found that ethnocentric spirits of place through generations may cause disruptions if unrecognized as inhabitants. As always, the way with any imbalance is through compassion. 

Living through a Chaotic Node:

We are living through a highly volatile period, full of extraordinary potential, yet fraught with challenge. The recent pandemic is but one such experience, facing us into the heartbreak and poetry of destructive and creative possibilities. Shamanic medicine can anchor how we may be experiencing culture shock, collective trauma, the need for re-orientation, help with meaning making as well as treating forms of psycho-spiritual paralysis. This is a challenging time and we all need support. This is an auspicious time for power animal retrieval, returning to us the allies and helpers we were born with as protectors and wisdom givers. 

Ceremony and Rites of Passage:

Ceremony is the way shamans make change through focused intent. Ceremonial acts can be as small as a personal fire of tiny sticks on the back porch to signal the wish for something old to pass that is no longer appropriate for our growth, to funeral rites for outmoded ideas. Birth, marriage and separations include ceremonies of consciousness making for a good path. Shamans serve their communities in this way, and are elected by their communities to earn the right to use the word shaman to describe themselves and their work. 

Lets not forget about Titokawaru: 

I have a longtime animal companion who is also an ally. He always wants to be a part of a session and can have a very calming effect. It is up to you if he's around. Speaking of our animal companions, shamanic medicine works for them as well.  Children too, with appropriate permission tend to be very responsive to this work.

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