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Ancient Echo

Shamanic Medicine


A dakini's dream 


I wasn’t sure what to expect during my first session with Alli. What struck me immediately was how calm and welcoming she is. She took time to make me feel safe and seen before we began the journeying process. There was no sense of hurrying or following a clock. Her office, where she does her work, is a powerful place. The ceremony itself was very peaceful and comfortable for me. Alli does her journeying in quiet, then brings back the medicine and writes down the important pieces before talking. 


It’s easy to be skeptical about this kind of energy work, but the lessons Alli brought back for me were stark truths from my past. I was shocked by what she uncovered- my oldest memory that part of me thought was a dream. As we explored this together, she was compassionate yet firm in the medicine she had found. 


It took me a few months to integrate the huge teaching I received from Alli, and it has changed my life and my sense of myself. Truly I feel like I got a piece of my soul back. 


I went back for a follow up session with Alli months after my first one. It was just as surprising and just as powerful as the first. I am still integrating pieces of it. 


I am deeply touched by Alii’s gifts and grateful for her work in the world. I trust her, simply because of my own deep experiences, our energetic “coincidences”, and the medicine I received from her. She communicates with spirits or guides in a different realm for our benefit. I cannot imagine it is easy work for her, yet it feels elemental and necessary. Most importantly, I trust her to be my guide in these powerful realms.

L. Bozeman, MT

Lost pieces: a canine and his person


Alli came into my life during a time of grief. I was anticipating the end of my beloved dog Oskar's life. My request was for an end of life ceremony but what he recieved was far greater than anything I could have imagined. Alli's journey to meet with Oskar in the spirit world was a moment of incredible healing. In the following days after their time together, his spirit was reinvigorated. He was full of life and energy that I had not seen in a very long time and he started vocalizing his excitement as he did when he was a young pup. I dont use the word miraculous lighty but to me that is what has occurred, a miracle. Oskar is still going strong months later and amazes me everyday with his resiliency and tenacity for life. 


By bearing witness to this great healing work I too had a soul retrieval session. With the help of Alli's loving guidance she was was able to return to me a part of my spirit that had been missing since childhood along with a very special power animal, bringing back to me an essential part of my essence. 


Alli embodies all the qualities of a great healer. Integrity, compassion, wisdom, humility and heart. 


We thank you Alli, from the bottom of our hearts and paws. 


S. and O. Billings, MT

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