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Restoring integrity to your life force and returning your personal powers


Nature abhors a vaccum. When we experience loss and fragmentation our system is left vulnerable to what in shamanism are called intrusions, or something that doesn't belong. These energies are fundamentally incompatible with you and compete for your life-force. This is an areas of practice that can hold a good deal of misunderstanding about "negative" intention and bring to mind tales of sorcery but it is important to remember that in the core shamanic method, there are only lost or disquiet energies that may have found their way into a compromised system that require compassionate assistance to be shown the way forward.  A skilled shaman will know how to find and escort or simply discover and neutralize. I find with this practice the westerners have a tendency to want to get quite involved in the details but of course, removal is the focus. From the shamanic perspective one of the ways we keep powered up or strengthened against intrusion is to have an active relationship with our Power Animals, the mitigating forces given to us at birth. 

Some symptoms of soul loss can include:

  • Feelings of being “spacey”or ungrounded

  • Feeling “empty” or incomplete

  • Experiencing persistent, unbeneficial patterns in your life that you have addressed with other methods without success

  • Feeling as though you have a “hole” inside that can’t be filled

  • Chronic physical or emotional illness

  • Feeling a pervasive sense of insecurity, sadness or anxiety

  • Never feeling good enough

  • Difficulty in having fun or being playful

  • Feeling “stuck”

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