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Ancient Echo


Shamanic Medicine

Alli came into my life during a time of grief. I was anticipating the end of my beloved dog Oskar's life. My request was for an end of life ceremony but what he recieved was far greater than anything I could have imagined. 

Alli's journey to meet with Oskar in the spirit world was a moment of incredible healing. In the following days after their time together, his spirit was reinvigorated. He was full of life and energy that I had not seen in a very long time and he started vocalizing his excitement as he did when he was a young pup. I dont use the word miraculous lighty but to me that is what has occurred, a miracle. Oskar is still going strong months later and amazes me everyday with his resiliency and tenacity for life. 


By bearing witness to this great healing work I too had a soul retrieval session. 

With the help of Alli's loving guidance she was was able to return to me a part of my spirit that had been missing since childhood along with a very special power animal, bringing back to me an essential part of my essence. 


Alli embodies all the qualities of a great healer. Integrity, compassion, wisdom, humility and heart. 


We thank you Alli, from the bottom of our hearts and paws. 


Sarah & Oskar 

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